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~150K Characters Available!

Make the Digital World More Inclusive!

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Select From 3 Lifetime Adoption Levels

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Gold - $5,000
Single Adoption Available

Silver Symbol badge.png

Silver - $1,000
Five Adoptions Available

Bronze Scuba.png

Bronze - $100

Now you can adopt a character and show off your hobby or business, favorite sport or love. You can also give the gift of a letter to someone in your life. The possibilities are endless! Each adoption helps Unicode's goal to support the world's languages. It's also a tax-deductible donation in the United States, to the extent allowed by law. Your company may also provide matching funds.

How You Can Help - Give a Gift and Support a Good Cause

Adopt a Character or Emoji to give it the attention it deserves!

Allergies? Traveling? No worries, the cat emoji has no fur and requires no feeding! The dog emoji? No need to go out for a 3 am walk! Looking to be a Scrabble champ? The strong and fast letter Z is right for you!

Your good friend is studying to be a doctor. How about the stethoscope emoji as a gift! 


With nearly 150,000 characters there's something for everyone!

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Featured Adoptable Characters


The ocean is full of so many amazing creatures! Not into taking a deep dive to see an Octopus in the wild? Adopt this adorable 8-legged friend.

Letter Q

Check out this cute and cuddly letter Q. If you're into fun, crazy antics and winning games of Scrabble, this is the character for you!


Always wanted your own private yacht but fuel prices are too high? You can own this beauty for a lifetime!

About Unicode and the Adopt-a-Character Program

The Unicode Consortium is the premier non-profit, open source, open standards body for the Internationalization of software and services - across 20 billion devices and counting! At its core, Unicode enables people around the world to communicate in any language.


The Adopt-a-Character program was launched in 2015 to support Unicode's mission, including encoding and preserving historical scripts such as Egyptian hieroglyphics and providing better language support for digitally disadvantaged and under-resourced languages such as Hanifi Rohingya used in Myanmar and Bangladesh. 

Unicode, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Your contribution may be eligible for a tax deduction. Please consult with a tax expert for details. 

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